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A few screenshots

A few screenshots have been linked here that explains the efficiency of Neptune. Click the images to zoom in to full sized ones.

Neptune in action: Pretty printed LATEX sources (left) and formatted PDF generated from LATEX sources (right).

Neptune in action: PDF output before editing by author (left) and PDF output after editing (right).

Neptune in action: Tracker window with hyperlinked list of changes (left); LATEX source document (middle) and formatted output in PDF format (right).

Neptune in action: Tracker with hyperlinked list of edits made by author (left); LATEX sources before the edit (middle) and LATEX sources after edit (right).

Neptune: Log window expanded.

Neptune: Author query window expanded.

Neptune: File upload dialog window expanded.

Neptune: Add author comments/notes dialog expanded.

PDF viewer window menu and bookmarks expanded.

LATEX source to PDF navigation. The red bullet is the location in PDF that corresponds to cursor in source.