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enumitem package is loaded by default, hence all options of enumitem work fine with Neptune.

   \item ...
   \item ...
   \item ...

is an example of how an enumerated list will look like. Similarly, itemize and description lists can be used.

The most useful option in an enumerate list is to change the list label to suit one’s requirement. Following enumerated list label options are supported:

  • label={<label choice>} Add custom label. The possible labels are:
    • \arabic* provides arabic number.
    • \alph* provides lower alpha label.
    • \Alph* provides upper alpha label.
    • \roman* provides lower Roman numeral.
    • \Roman* provides upper Roman numeral.
  • l={<label>} is a shortcut for the above options with possible label values:
    • 1 or 1. or 1) or (1) arabic numeral.
    • a or a. or a) or (a) lower alpha labels.
    • A or A. or A) or (A) upper alpha labels.
    • i or i. or i) or (i) lower Roman numeral.
    • I or I. or I) or (I) upper Roman numeral.
\begin{enumerate}[label={(\alph*)}]  or [l={(a)}]
  \item Case of a complex root ...
  \para Next para ....
  \item Convergence but not complex root ...


(a) Case of a complex root ...
    Next para ....
(b) Convergence but not complex root ...