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The bibliographic items have to be heavily structured to generate the right kind of XML from the LATEX documents. As a standard, popular, user friendly and optimal tagging scheme that meets the technical requirements of both typesetting and XML generation with least effort on the part of the authors, we have adopted BibTEX format for bibliography which TEX authors are familiar with its usage and functionality. BibTEX helps to re-order the listing as per the order of citations in the body of the document in numbered citation style and sorting of bib items in author-year scheme painlessly even after several bib items have been added or removed during author proofing.

However, to save the drudgery of keying the BibTEX record when an author needs to insert a \bibitem afresh, a simpler type, namely, @others is adopted in which authors need to insert the whole bibliographic item text as an argument of the field, commn. Here is a typical example of new coding:

    commn={Welch, Ivo. (2010) A comprehensive look at the empirical
     performance of equity premium prediction. Rev. Financ. Stud.
     123 (1), 121-133.}

A few BibTEX record examples are given here.